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Cracked Corner

Cracked Corner

Break or cause to break without a complete separation of the parts. Crack corner of tiles means deamgged or crack of the tiles corner. It is happen when tiles are fall down from hand or movement of them,it generally happen while installation of it.

How it happen?

It may be that your tiler is not proffesional in their job. Or tiler is not have knowldege of method for installing tiles. Simply, there is not enough adhesive on the floor is one of the resion for crack tiles corner.

Solution for cracked tiles

Mix some matching paint with tile filler. If the tile is too badly damaged to fix, you'll have to remove and replace it. crush your shavings into a powder using an old spoon, stick, etc. You should be using mostly epoxy with a small amount of your colored powder, just enough to tint it. grout had been used in the corners of our tiles.

Crack Edges Of tiles

Crack Edges Of tiles

Cracked edges is some time small or some time mejor crack on the edges of tiles. It happen while manufacturing tiles or sometime dropping some heard object on it. Generally, these tiles are removed during sorting and grading before they are packed.

How to fix cracked edges

Replace tiles before the laid,Insert the blade of a grout saw into the grout joint.

Dirty Tile

Dirty Tile

whether ceramic or porcelain, are a great product and they are very easy to clean and maintain. Normally tiles require very little time and effort to keep clean: you should only need a bit of water and vinegar once a week.

What cause the problem?

your tiles are laid and grouted, there will be some grout left on the surface of the tiles the dirt can be washed away, but as soon as the tile is dry the cycle begins again.

Solution For It

Deep cleaning your floors will spruce up your whole home — but doing it properly takes a little patience and know-how. Luckily, we’ve drummed up several professionals to offer you some expert tips on deep cleaning your tile floors.

Tiles Buckling

Tiles Buckling

Structural movement in homes and buildings accure the tiles buckling sistuation. buckling is a mathematical instability, leading to a failure mode Theoretically, buckling is caused by a bifurcation in the solution to the equations of static equilibrium

Problem Accure

Not using the corrective adhesive over a concrete slab that is still curing (we refer to such a slab as being green). Beaumont Tiles will advise on the correct product to use.

Face the Situation

Incorrectly laid tiles are solely the responsibility of the tiler or builder. You will need to arrange for the tiler or builder to fix the problem. The easiest solution for repairing buckled tiles is to remove the pieces that have been damaged Grout the space around the tile, pressing grout into it with your grout trowel. Wipe the excess grout off with a damp sponge.

Chipped Tiles

Chipped Tiles

Tiles are generally pretty tough and durable, but they are not indestructible! If a hard object is dropped onto a glazed tile, there is a chance of it chipping the tile. Naturally, the bigger, heavier, harder, and sharper the object being dropped, and the greater the height; the more likely it is to chip the tile. Stones trapped in the soles of shoes and metal tips on stiletto heels can also chip tiles because the effect can be a hard impact onto the tile over a very small area.

How tiles are chipped

Dragging furniture with metal tipped feet Dropping any hard, sharp, heavy object onto a tile can chip the surface Chairs with steel legs and no rubber tips

How to Save Tiles

Scrape out all the grout around the affected tile. Put rubber tips on furniture legs. Remove the chipped tile and replace it.